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International Distribution


Shelter Rock International, LLC provides services to develop and manage international distribution.

  • Identifies, recommends and selects distributors on a market-by-market basis

  • Negotiates distribution agreements

  • Assists in the development of business plans and monitors performace against plans

  • Prepares marketing and sales materials to insure a consistent brand image

  • Acts as a liaison between the brand owner and the distributors

  • Coordinates trade show exhibitions (e.g. Baselworld, JCK)


SRI provides comprehensive consulting

  • New product launches

  • Operations

  • Field Sales Management

  • Customer Service

  • International distribution

  • Inventory control

  • Supply chain

  • International sourcing

  • Logistics

  • Engineering

  • Quality control

  • Product development

US Sales & Distribution


Shelter Rock International, LLC  represents foreign brands and trade organizations in the U.S. and arranges for required services such as importation, sales, marketing, distribution, watch repair and trade show exhibitions. 

With over 20 years in the Special Markets/Business to Business arena, SRI helps companies expand into this channel.


Shelter Rock International, LLC also performs searches for sales representatives  for US-based organizations. 

Other Services


Shelter Rock International, LLC offers

  • Trade Show Coordination

  • Public Relations

  • Asset Disposition

  • Product Sourcing for watches, clocks and displays



SRI represents a licensee to

  • Identify brand opportunities

  • Prepare business plans

  • Present proposals to licensors

  • Find distributors on a global or market-by-market basis                                                      

 and represents a licensor to find  manufacturers, OEM suppliers or distributors




SRI served as the Strategic Partner focusing on the worldwide luxury good sector for GoSpotCheck, a Software as a Service company that enables businesses to get better insight from field based teams, in real-time. 

By leveraging their easy to use mobile application and web dashboard, managers can get organized and actionable data, including images from the field like never before. It's a simple, uniform way to collect, structure, and gain field intelligence, including competitive reconnaissance.



SRI is also a Strategic Partner of Signifyd. Signifyd empowers fearless commerce by providing an end-to-end commerce protection platform. Powered by the Signifyd Commerce Network, its advanced machine learning engine protects merchants from fraud, consumer abuse and revenue loss caused by barriers and friction in the buying experience. 


Signifyd counts among its customers a number of companies on the Fortune 1000 and Internet Retailer Top 500 lists. Signifyd is headquartered in San Jose, CA., with locations in Denver, New York, Belfast, and London. 


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Archival Services

  • Archive design

  • Archive research

  • Archive procedures and implementation

  • Museum curation and design

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