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Carl E. Rosen has contributed to various publications about trends in the marketplace.


The New Abnormal

7 Jun 16
Times, they are a changin’ - that was true when Bob Dylan released his album in 1964 and is even more so now, especially in the world of retailing. Having just returned from JCK Las Vegas, the largest US jewelry event of the year, it is apparent that the dynamics in retailing are impacting not only mature brands, but new marketplace entries as well. Those organizations that can adapt and are more likely to be successful, even when confronted by changes in the market. The effective use of technology will play a big role.


Is Your Company Truly Agile? Think Again

​Retail Touchpoints 16 Nov 15 

Agility will soon become the watchword of brands with products sold at brick-and-mortar retailers. In the same way the most agile athletes adjust speed and direction, organizations must change, pivot and adjust often to improve retail execution.


Think You Are Ready For The Holiday Shopping Season? Be Sure.

Retail Touchpoints 17 Dec 14

Is your brand truly prepared to grab maximum market share this holiday shopping season? Several retail brands are already employing a robust mobile data collection platform to give them the information they need to hone their go-to-market strategy in early Q4. In the past, we would have to wait until after the holidays to understand whether our retail execution was optimal during this pivotal sales season.

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